Brand new and made from the same high-quality cast aluminum as BedWedgies™, these are the solution to your broken plastic bed rail slider ends on many models of Coleman and Fleetwood pop-up campers.

The Problem

The problem is an under-engineered plastic part from the original manufacturer.

Once the beds are extended and supports installed, some of the weight of the bed (and its occupants) is transferred to the rail ends. The result is that the OEM rail end eventually fails. When it fails and eventually falls off, the aluminum bed rail end is then exposed and could snag or tear the canvas enclosure.

Image of cast aluminum Shorts bed rail ends by

The Solution

Replace those broken and poorly-engineered plastic rail ends with the Shorts™!

Shorts™ are made in the USA from high-quality cast aluminum and come with a lifetime warranty! Replace your OEM plastic ends once and be finished with the job for good. The best part is that these cast aluminum pieces cost little more than a set of OEM plastic ends (which will likely fail again in the near future). Do the job twice with OEM plastic ends, and you’ll have spent more time and money than doing it right once with Shorts™!

Why Buy?

  • OEM parts difficult to find and getting more difficult (and expensive)
  • Replaces Coleman part #4754-8631 slide end cap
  • Replaces Fleetwood part (info to come)
  • Cheaper and easier than replacing the inferior OEM parts twice
  • High-quality cast aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Simple Ordering

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Thanks for your interest in popupmods Shorts™ and BedWedgies™!