How do I install this thing?!?!

Although there are multiple methods, here is the one that I currently use for the nut location that is difficult to access.

As you know, when the bed slides out, it extends two rail sections. I keep the section that has the wedge completely in – in other words, slide the bed out only on the other section, so that the section that has the wedge is fully retracted into the camper. This will then allow quite a bit of flex on that section. I take a small regular screwdriver and gently slip it behind the rail near the wedge end and it springs in just enough to slide the screwdriver down behind to temporarily hold the rail flexed away from the other. You now have a gap that is wide enough to get an open-end wrench into the gap and onto the nut.

After installation, and removal of your small open-end wrench, you can slide the screwdriver out and the rail will spring back. Just make sure that the bed and other rail are extended fully away from the section with the wedge, and that section is fully “in” to allow for the room to spring it in without bending it.

Others may disagree and do a great amount of additional work removing the bed to avoid flexing the rail, and I do not dispute that method. But, while we were testing, we did this multiple times on my Fleetwood Evolution with no problem caused, so it was quick and easy. Proceed at your own discretion.

What are the Shorts used for?

Shorts are for the outer ends. They are not as critical as the wedge end in that they do not push in against the canvas, screen, and plastic. Instead, they fit in the outer, opposite end of the rails from the wedge and we believe they also act as a stop when the bed is pushed in.

We didn’t think our camper was breaking the outer flat end as it had with the inner wedge. We then had a number of customers request replacements for their broken plastic ends and discovered a couple of ours were also beginning to fail. So, we created Shorts to go along with the BedWedgies.

Will these fit my pup?

BedWedgies and Shorts were specifically designed to replace the rail ends on the Fleetwood Evolution models and fit identical to the OEM plastic parts. The Coleman/Fleetwood part number for the rail wedge and rail cap was the same for the other models of Fleetwood campers.

If you have questions about whether BedWedgies or Shorts will fit your specific pup, please contact us, and we’ll work with you to help determine proper application.

What if I have a problem with metal rubbing on metal in the track while the popup is in transit?

Wedgies were designed for the Evolution series. In those models, this contact hasn’t been observed. However, on some other models, whether due to design or roller wear, some customers have reported contact with the rail below, allowing rubbing while in motion. Fortunately, we’ve been provided with some helpful feedback on the issue from some of our customers. Some have altered the lower surface of the Wedgie by filing and smoothing it to match the rail, while others have used a shim to raise the Wedgie up and away from the lower rail. If the original plastic Wedge rubbed, it probably destroyed itself.

Here is a style of shim found at Home Depot recommended by one of our customers (appearance may vary):

Composite shims at Home Depot

These shims may also work well if you don’t have a hardware store nearby:
EZ-Shim, Inc. ETC-1A Plastic Shims

What about international shipping?

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